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About Me

History, inspiration and goals

My Story

As an artist, I often find myself drawn to repeating and creating the same things over and over, but when I’m asked, I never really feel as if I have a specific “style.” I refer to myself as a multidisciplinary artist because I find joy in trying different forms of art. I’m inspired and influenced by nature and the world around me, and often draw inspiration from the things I view on a daily basis. I am also inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Georgia O’Keeffe.

I am drawn to the connection between documenting what exists in the world and the things I feel, and I enjoy creating art that reflects this. I often create a single image on paper or canvas, surrounded by negative space that allows the viewers’ eye to have a place to rest. This gives the opportunity to contemplate the subject of the work, and how we can often view something frequently and not be aware of the impact it has made on us. I enjoy the challenge of creating small works of art, and I often work simultaneously on several things at a time. I try to push the boundaries with the amount of information that I can portray into a single image on a small scale, although recently I have been expanding my artistic practice and creating works on a larger scale.

The name “Dash” is an acronym for my initials, but it also references that I am a mark maker. A dash is a type of mark that can be created quickly, and also a type of punctuation that is used to interrupt a thought or idea and indicate a pause, which I hope to encourage people to do when they see my art.

I have been making art for as long as I can remember, and it is within the process of creating where I express my inner feelings. The making of marks upon canvas or paper is cathartic for me. The process of making art is my humanity, and a way for me to free myself from the daily things that tether me and step into new areas of my life and my art.