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About Me

History, inspiration and goals

My Story

I refer to myself as a multidisciplinary artist, but I don’t feel confined within that label, rather, I feel it allows me the opportunity to expand on my practices and techniques. There is nothing related to art making that I am not afraid to try, and being a multidisciplinary artist gives me the freedom to discover new things and feed my curiosity. In describing my art, I would use the terms “curious, playful yet delicate, bold, and colorful.” My paintings are awash in bold, bright swathes of color, while my sketchbook is filled with careful line work drawings created simply using pencil. The subject of both my drawings and paintings are often flowers and portraits.

I am drawn to the connection between documenting what I see around me by creating images that can soothe with their subject matter, and also excite with the color choices I employ. I often create a single image on paper or canvas, surrounded by negative space that allows the viewers’ eye to have a place to rest, and as such, I hope to give the opportunity to contemplate the subject of the work and how we can often view something daily and not be aware of the impact it has made upon us. I create small works of art, often simultaneously working on several at a time, to push the boundaries of the amount of information that I can portray into a single image on a minute scale that still invites the viewer in and beckons them to come closer and examine what is before them.

I have been making art for as long as I can remember, and it is within the process of creating (rather than the visible end result) where I express my inner feelings. The making of marks upon canvas or paper is cathartic for me. From the gentle curve of a flower petal or a cheekbone, to the bold brash lines in an abstract piece, the process of making art is my humanity.